Canadian Research Chair
Technologies and Practices in Health
The Canada Research Chair on Technologies and Practices in Health focuses on the implementation of innovative technologies to support the healthcare system.



Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Ph.D.
Phone: 418 656-2131 ext. 7576

  • Chairholder of the Canada Research Chair on Technologies and Practices in Health
  • Full Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, Université Laval
  • Researcher, Axis Population Health and Optimal Health Practices, Research Centre of the CHU de Québec-Université Laval


Marie-Pierre Gagnon obtained her PhD in Community Health from Université Laval in 2003. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Catalan Agency for Health Technology Assessment in 2004-2005, followed by another postdoctoral fellowship at the Health Telematics Unit, University of Calgary, in 2005-2006.

Her expertise includes health technology assessment (HTA) and its impact on decision making, the study of individual, professional and organizational determinants of information and communication technologies (ICT) integration in the healthcare system, patient participation in healthcare decisions, and best practices in knowledge translation and application.

Research Interests

  • Professional practices in healthcare
  • Assessment of health technologies and intervention modes
  • Information and communication technologies in healthcare
  • Patient and public participation in health decisions
  • Psychosocial, professional, and organizational theory
  • Knowledge synthesis and application

Research Projects